Data Entry India- Your Go-To Reliable Offshore Data Processing Services Provider

Data Entry India is an offshore outsourcing company that offers efficient data entry, processing, and conversion services at best prices to clients across the globe. They are based out of India and are highly competent when it comes to handling all the data processing tasks of a wide variety of industries including e-commerce, real estate, marketing, financial, mortgage, transportation, manufacturing and many other industries.

Data Processing Services:

Data processing services are carried out with utmost efficiency. This is supported by their specialisation in combining business domain knowledge with advanced technology, and high-quality methodologies. This is to provide their clients with ideal results at best affordable prices. One of the most attractive features for the overseas clients is that they have experts assigned to work in shifts covering 24 x 7 to deliver data processing services timely, always.

Some of Their Data Processing Services Include-

  • Word Processing Services: The company strives to create the exact replicas of design works from HTML/CSS design based files and PDF files onto the MS Office Word. Their advanced word processing services include index preparation, header, footer and page number setting, OCR spell checking and text auditing, typing and transcribing etc.
  • Image Processing Services: Data Entry India carries out image processing of digital and document images. Digital image processing includes colour changes, special effects, noise removal, image size alterations, background removal, slicing of images, image orientation and other editing aspects. Document image processing is done for effective presentation of e-book or for OCR purposes.
  • Survey Data Processing Services: The company helps reduce the tedious tasks involved in surveys including collecting survey forms and their data and turning them into meaningful reports in friendly formats. They make use of OCR/IMR software tools for efficiency.
  • Forms Processing Services: Through this service, Data Entry India strives to innovate and develop approaches that make the delivery optimised. The company also provides automated electronic forms processing services for well handwritten in blocks, structured or printed forms. Form processing is carried out on legal forms, invoice forms, accounting forms, insurance forms etc.
  • Claim Processing Services: Data Entry India specialises in insurance claim processing. Their services included attaining the entire history of events leading towards the need for claims and capturing them correctly.

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About the Company:
Data Entry India is a reputed and reliable outsourcing data processing service provider. They take pride in their capability of handling all levels of complexities that distinct industries come with. The company is run from India while satisfying clients all over the world with its quality data entry and processing services.

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